We Need Your Help

Every organization that is there to help homeless people is non-profit, which means that they aren’t making any money for the work they do. However, this presents an obstacle in the form of monetary resources that go toward the goal to help homeless people. This is why we spread our vision whenever we can to attract people and parties that are willing to donate and assist us in our battle.

Simple ways in which you can help us

You can help us in many different ways. If you don’t have time to put in some charity work, then you can donate money for free meals. This, however, is impossible for those that don’t have any money to spend on this. Money, as it is, isn’t the only way you can help us.


We are closely related to the local church and the community it gathers. Some of those people are doing a good thing by donating any clothes they don’t want to use anymore. They are doing that instead of throwing those clothes away because they understand how important they are for those that have nothing.

If you have some free time, then you can come and volunteer at one of our projects.

All of the shelters require hands-on help, and we are always happy to accept. So, come to our building and invest some of your time to help those that don’t have things all of the other people do have.

New Hope Homeless Shelter needs you

Knowing how to help people in need is the first step in doing it. So, education about the basic needs of the homeless, and how can you can help them (apart from giving money to charities) are the first two things you should do.


Helping us to provide some basics to homeless people isn’t an obligation, and you shouldn’t think about it like that. The intention to help should come from within rather than being something you do because people would think less of you if you didn’t. Homeless people don’t want you to pity them. They want a small push so they could get an opportunity to get themselves out of the streets.